How is the Streemfire CloudTV Platform positioned within the ecosphere of OTT TV?

Streemfire is an enabling technology for 24/7 linear channels played out into the open Internet. Streemfire is not a channel aggregator like Youtube or Ustream, but generating for and delivering streams to such platforms.



What does CloudTV refer to (compared to OTT TV)?

Terminology within the industry is anything but unified. In our definition CloudTV is a subset of OTT TV, which is any video streamed into the open (i.e. not managed) Internet. CloudTV is taking advantage of service providers who actually run all technology needed. The Streemfire CloudTV Platform is built on cloud services.



What are typcial user groups for the Streemfire CloudTV Platform?

Streemfire positions in the B2B space directed to parties that see a benefit in setting up a 24/7 linear channel on a low budget. The motivation to do so can be commercial or non-commercial.



Does the Streemfire CloudTV Platform support monetisation?

Cash revenue from a 24/7 linear channel can come from within the stream itself (by programming ad blocks), from the player (via pre- and mid-roll ads) as well as happen on the destination site (via banner ads or with a pay wall). Of those options, any of which are supported, Streemfire directly dealswith the in-stream aspect via the scheduling tool.



How does the Streemfire CloudTV Platform ensure the stream to arrive in HD quality?

Streemfire generates a 24/7 linear stream in 720p/1080p (subject to the package chosen) and hands it over to the aggregation platform (Youtube, Ustream, Twitch) or CDN (Akamai, etc) who will take care of delivering the stream in full quality to the destination (i.e. player).



What are the prerequisites when setting up a 24/7 linear channel using the Streemfire CloudTV Platform?

From one hour to hundreds of hours of video anything may work as a starting point for a 24/7 linear channel depending on the concept behind. What is clearly not needed is any kind of local hardware or infrastructure. Neither is it necessary to have any broadcast expertise to run a Streemfire based CloudTV channel.



Can the Streemfire CloudTV Platform be used to
re-broadcast a traditional TV

Basically yes, but that would only partly make use of the full feature set. Streemfire is most powerful in the complete creation of a new channel or in adopting existing channels e.g. by adding a live source or non-live content for a localised experience.