With 2016 well and truly underway you've probably already started to put your new year's resolution of 'better user engagement' into practice. Trouble is almost every other upwardly mobile brand will be thinking the same, so how are you really going to stand out this quarter?

 Of course there are no golden formulas, but throwing a few curve balls into your marketing mix could open up conversation with some unlikely customers or fans. Take the following live video broadcasting ideas for example.

  • Use a live scheduler - First things first, if you're not already scheduling your video content. You should be. Television grade live schedulers are now available for your YouTube live content. Services such as Streemfire help you plan and broadcast your content around peak viewing times. Creating a rolling 24 hour channel means viewers can enjoy and interact with your content across all time zones. Knowing when to bring your content live is a large part of a successful video marketing strategy. Taking advantage of the free tools out there can relieve the stress considerably.
  • Access all areas - There are some pretty mundane sounding companies out there: Maersk Line Shipping, General Electric Company, IRS… but each of them has incredible interaction with their brand and followers. Mostly because they focus on behind the scenes content. Take the time to create some special sneak peek video for your live stream. Give your viewers access to your methods and let them share and feel ownership in what you're doing. Don't just tell people how great your bread tastes, show them around the bakery too!
  • Include tutorials. You may think this one isn't for you. But even if your brand only does one thing, then you can make a tutorial on how you do that one thing. Whether that's building a social following, baking bread, playing an instrument, designing websites… It shows your staff are outgoing, that your brand is not afraid to share expertise in order to help others. Tutorial content not only gives you the an opportunity to touch base with common problems but also gives you the chance to show off your best company practices. Another excuse for behind the scenes content.
  • Add a personal touch - this could be considered an extension of giving access all areas, but including interviews with founding members, personnel, influencers and other connections can bring life and opinion into your video content. Where did your brand come from? What does the future look like? Who are the characters behind it all? This is a great time to put your people front and center.
  • Include your audience - Use your live stream as video real estate. Include your audience by offering a prime slot as either a 'spotlight' endorsing up and coming talent in your field, or as a space to announce competition prizes. If it's practical why not invite users, fans or customers to provide real life user cases?