It goes without saying that if you’re a storeowner, you want your customers to create an emotional connection to your brand. The outlay of your store, clothing range, colours, décor and personal touches all go a long way in building this bond. Something you may not have considered (or considered, but thought it too expensive) is creating your own fleet of in-store TV screens.

In-store television is still a great way to get to know your customers. A study byAccenture found that 49% of consumers in the US and UK are happy to offer personal data in return for a relevant shopping experience. Below we’re going to tell you in three easy steps, how you can kit out your location with a great in-store TV experience for small money.


First things first, the content doesn’t have to be complex:

As a starting point, you could simply add images of latest products, pictures connected to your ethos, an image diary of where your materials are sourced and so on. With this rolling gallery you’ve already given another dimension to your space.

If your location also generates its own items, perhaps you may want to add images of photoshoots or behind the scenes sneak peaks.

Special offers are also a great way to connect with your customers and generate conversation with your sales staff.

Video clips are certainly more engaging and come highly recommended if you have them. But for now a camera and an eye for the beautiful should be all you need.


Get your content onto Streemfire:

Streemfire is a broadcasting platform perfect for content owners, creative individuals and small businesses. You simply upload your media to your account, then string your videos and images together into a playlist. Once you’ve done that just tell Streemfire when and for how long you want this playlist broadcast and your content loop is viewable via YouTube live. You can also add branding to your play out with a logo, text or other corporate identity.


Use tech you already have:

Once your content is being broadcast to YouTube live, you can utilise iPads, laptops or other HD screens tuned to this YouTube url to showcase your media. Using your current wifi connection you can create a wireless solution to in-store television. Once you have all your screens set up and looking great, you can control the play out and the content from a device behind the counter, in the backroom or even from home.