2016 is going to be a great year for live broadcasting your brand. From professional speakers, musicians, event organisers to corporate brands both large and small, Live Events and rolling video branding will be key in your marketing efforts this coming year.

Smart professionals will already be clocking in serious hours on Periscope, Meerkat and YouTube live. In 2016 the demand on your time for live streaming is only going to rise. This is where Streemfire comes in very handy.

Whatever happens keep rolling!

Streemfire is best thought of as a scheduler for your YouTube live events. As Buffer is to your Twitter posts, Streemfire is to your YouTube play out. Positioned as the solution to having your very own 24/7 rolling TV channel, Streemfire feeds your curated content across all devices where YouTube Live is available.

Unlike building a playlist on YouTube and having your viewers wait for the next video to play (or worse, click through manually) the Streemfire scheduler allows individuals to build a professional grade TV broadcast right to their YouTube live event. Streemfire was created by Austrian broadcast veteran VJU iTV. This means you get some nice benefits from the broadcasting world built in to the scheduler. Frame accurate transition time between videos and the ability to swap out content without taking your broadcast down from YouTube.