The idea of small content owners needing a ‘television’ style channel can often be met with skepticism. Perhaps because television has been stigmatized in recent years for being ‘bulky’, outdated or expensive to maintain. Firstly, we’d like to say this simply isn’t true (as mentioned in our article about this here). Secondly however, now more than ever the independent content owner needs as many options as possible to reach their audience and stand out from the crowd. Below are just a couple of content owners who should definitely re-think their position on setting up a television style broadcast.


Film makers:

This one should be fairly obvious, if you’re making short films or creative visual content the route one decision is to get it online, and there are already a ton of ways to do this. However, using Streemfire to create a TV style play out of your creations, means that unlike other methods of self-broadcasting your content can be looped, branded with text or a channel logo and shared to YouTube live as an ‘always on’ show reel. All data you upload to Streemfire is also stored in the cloud, offering another option for backing up valuable content files.



It’s no secret that musicians have needed to become more and more savvy with marketing efforts over the years. Even the once avant grade approaches to music sharing (Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube) have fallen into saturated practices with a much diluted impact. Why not look towards sports teams, retail and the leisure industry for your next marketing inspiration? If you have a brand to market in any of these sectors, be it a football team, fashion outlet or hotel, it’s a safe bet you’ve been creating and curating a dedicated online television channels for years. But when was the last time you saw an up and coming band or established act with a dedicated music channel? It’s a no brainer really. With Streemfire you can create a single branded play out stream where your latest news, music videos, interviews, live material, tour dates and behind the scenes footage can be rolled out to your fans 24/7 regardless of time zone or viewing habits.


Content owners with a message:

As a brand who may be trying to spread the word about a cause close to your heart, you’re going to want to hit a few key needs with your content delivery. Firstly, you’ll want your audience to be comfortable, it’s best if they can lean back and take in your message with no clicking around. You want them to take time over what you have to say and engage with your content as a narrative rather than in awkward chunks. Ideally you’d like your fluid content play out to be discoverable around the clock with the ability to take certain content off-air without disrupting the viewing experience. Above all you want it to be cost effective and simple to set up with your existing hardware. This is exactly what Streemfire offers content owners with a message, and more.