The all-in-one solution

The Streemfire CloudTV Platform

Streemfire is the next-generation video management application for broadcasters and media publishers. It resides in the cloud and offers an end-to-end workflow to manage broadcast media entirely in the web-browser. With Streemfire, video assets are conveniently scheduled into linear channels. From the cloud the video is either streamed via CDNs or delivered to your satellite- to your cable-headend.



Streemfire Asset Management

  • Preview of proxy files with frame by frame control
  • Set your live switch input (Broadcast version only)
  • Set and edit poster frames
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Store original video files in the cloud
  • ingest and encode all major file formats
  • Edit metadata and description
  • Search, filter and color code to organize your assets

Uploading and encoding

Uploading and encoding of multiple files and formats for different play out destination platforms. Just drag and drop your files or use the operating system dialog.

Cloud storage 

Video files are also stored in their original version, enabling you to retrieve and download the source material anytime. All your videos are secured and stored in the cloud.

Search and categorize

Includes a powerful and easy to use search and categorization engine within the asset management system. Easy to handle and manage a wide range of assets.



Streemfire Playlist Builder

  • Drag and drop assets in your playlist
  • Graphic insert on/off for every single asset
  • Set assets on/off air
  • List and timeline view of playlists
  • List of scheduled playlists and timestamps
  • Total time and on air time display

Build your playlist

Simply drag and drop your assets to your playlist. Additionally, you can switch your channel branding on/off for every single asset.

Overview of playlists 

For a fast and easy tracking of playlists in use, we provide a list of all the scheduled positions of the inquired playlist.

Switch the view

For long playlists you can switch the view between list and timeline.



Streemfire 24/7 Scheduler

  • Drag and drop playlists into your 24/7 scheduler
  • Upload your channel branding (for each channel)
  • Auto-Loop functionality
  • Basic EPG data output (run-down-list)
  • Schedule your live switch (Broadcast version only)
  • Timezone selection
  • Multi-Channel (Broadcast version only)
  • Multi-User (Broadcast version only)

Channel branding

Each channel can have its own channel-branding, like corner bugs or any kind of graphic overlay. Simply upload each channel design as a PNG at your scheduler setup.

Timezone selection

You can define the time zone into you would like to broadcast your program. The reference-time of the scheduler is always UTC.

Auto-Loop function 

Playlists can run in loop mode. To activate this feature, you simply drag the playlist till the required timestamp or insert time and date in the corresponding interface.



Streemfire Cloud Playout

The Streemfire linear playout system resides completly in the cloud and provides fast deployment and high liability. 




The Streemfire cloud-playout provides streaming outputs to different streaming service providers.


Connect to YouTube Live

Connect the Streemfire platform with your YouTube Live account and broadcast 24/7 to all devices where YouTube Live is available or embed the stream on your website. 


Connect to Ustream

Connect the Streemfire platform with your Ustream account and broadcast 24/7 to all devices where Ustream is available or embed the stream on your website.


Connect your Head-End

If you like to connect your Streemfire platform with your cable or satellite head-end, we use ZIXI for a high reliable transport over public internet.
(Broadcast version only)