Cloud TV Playout

Pioneering Cloud TV Playout

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Cloud TV Playout

Pioneering Cloud TV Playout

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Having your own 24/7 TV channel has never been easier.


Automated playout workflow in three simple steps:


Video Upload

Upload video assets into the cloud-based Streemfire Asset Management System, where they are instantly and automatically encoded. Once uploaded, video assets can be easily monitored, categorized, and previewed to allow for an uncompromisable user experience.


TV Scheduling

Create playlists that can be effortlessly scheduled for automated broadcasting, and increase the “live” feel through digital on-screen graphics. An optional live switch can be activated for professional live studio productions.


Channel Playout

Automate the playout of continuous live streams, and broadcast linear TV channels across any OTT, CDN, IPTV or satellite-/cable-headend.


Outstanding all-in-one playout solutions for Cloud TV broadcasting.

Streemfire Asset Management

100 %
Cloud Based

Leverage scalability through the agility of the cloud, with options available for both full and partial playout integration. No additional integration work required.

Streemfire Playlist Builder

User Experience

Categorize, monitor, and schedule video assets while accessing relevant metadata, all in one intuitive user interface.

100% playout reach with Streemfire Cloud TV playout. Linear 24 / 7 streams on all OTTs, CDNs and IPTV platforms.

Playout Reach

Broadcast to all major OTTs, CDNs and IPTV platforms, and experience full TV playout automation.


100% security with Streemfire Cloud TV Playout. Hosted by most secure and leading cloud servers. Secure linear 24 / 7 broadcasting.


Maximize content security with industry-leading cloud servers.



Streemfire works on top of CDN´s* like:


*The CDN is not part of the service offered by Streemfire

 Streemfire reduces the effort, lowers the cost, and radically simplifies
the complexity often associated with conventional TV broadcasting.


Streemfire is ideal for:


TV Broadcasters

·       Live TV Broadcasting

·       OTT TV Services

·       Local News and Sports

·       Pop-up Channels

·       Library Repurposing

·       Subset Channels

·       Theme Channels

·       Program Information

Enterprise TV

·       Corporate Communication

·       Corporate Information

·       Live Events

·       Training and Learning

Out of Home TV

·       In-circuit Entertainment

·       Customer Communication

·       Remote Workflow


Trusted by leading broadcasters and enterprises.